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Juan Carlos Aviles Moran creador y diseñador de la unidad de repelencia magnetica / magnetic repellency unit



materials used in MAGNETIC REPELLENCY UNIT DESIGN OF JUAN CARLOS AVILES MORAN‏                            
Materials ceramic magnets (taken from the pieces of a chess game) and a coating or a layer of pyrolytic graphite or carbon fiber on one side of the magnet

diameter the same as the  cents dollar
 e) 3 Photographs of the invention:

URM summary of the project (unit of magnetic repellency)

system called magnetic repellency unit taking into account certain parameters that they had not given much thought before:
1) The magnetic repellency when confronted result in the displacement of the lower body mass.
2) Using a ring or circle which is a geometric shape that efficiently manages the energy we can handle repellency directing contained within the ring thus creating a continuous movement as in the ring if there is a succession of artificial magnets either individual or a single that are part of the same polarity magnetic reject or repel the magnets placed on opposite ends of a shaft or rotor inside the ring is give an imbalance or shock of the same polarity magnetic fields, this transfer of a magnet to another created a movement.
3) for the above possible should be taken into account that there will only ring in the magnetic repellency ie we shield or isolate the sides and edges of attraction to achieve this absolute repellency inside the ring
4) in the middle of the rotor shaft or give a twisting force whose strength and speed depends on the mass of the alloy and artificial magnets.
5) the force of torsion will be used to rotate or boost the shaft of a generator and thus generate free electricity and other energy consumption without repellency because it gives me unlimited power.
MIS insights and opinions are personal and while this issue of magnetic repellency unit in its infancy I published on the internet in an attempt to work with an alternative system of electric generation that deserves to be researched and developed.
I firmly believe that the magnetic repellency unit will be in the very near future a reality that is why press it there is still much to know in alloys and insulators and being better than the youth is the future proposal I leave you all to analyze and make their own guesses.
Le annoying again to ask me to analyze magnetic repellency unit (MRU) in a thorough and impartial, I'll tell certain parameters that govern my URM dispocicion or the shock angle between magnetic fields of like polarity is critical in my URM dispocición as well as the magnetic shielding or insulation ie these redirect the rotor, there are multiple variables to consider, such as artificial magnet alloy shield either their rotor or stator forms and surfaces of the magnets are reflected in its magnetic repellency rather than its magnetic attraction. And do not forget the active unipolarity is an important factor seems easy but the MRU is a constant power imbalance repellency than willing to work the right way. PLEASE discuss this project with friends URM professors and professionals. Remember I require myself to U.R.M. that enhances or rotate the shaft of a dynamo The MRU is exactly like the traditional mills used just that URM constant repellency to operate.

magnetic repellency unit name him that way because they have joined into a single design of geometric shapes and physical effects of repellency long time ago trying to create a perpetual motion but until the armor has been discovered it is possible Artificial magnets give a magnified magnetic field proportional to its alloy push if we add the right one that shielding to avoid distortion or deformation of one-pointed path repellency (CRM cascade of magnetic repellency) continually gets a perpetual mobile.

Magnetic field increased artificially magnified = optimal alloys
shield the magnets and interrupt lines drag force between the magnets

the shield should have a density greater than block the magnetic field of attraction of the magnets thus establishing a cascade of magnetic repellency is a path as a highway for the magnets of the shaft to be repelled any bad positioning on the ring equals a soft road so the shaft does not rotate magnets

the shield should be proportional to the magnetic field attraction magnets are brought remember although of the same polarity and repel at the same time trying to win this attraction is to be removed

If you can create a continuous movement to generate electric power as knowing if you can I have my plan of magnetic repellency unit and if If you could create a perpetual motion machine visit my blog look http://energia.obolog.com /

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monopolos naturales no existen pero monopolo artificial o monopolo falso si es posible mira .........

   iman polo norte y sur lineas de arrastre  /     (  Lineas de arrastre = atraccion  )        /      monopolos se repelen sin lineas de arrastre






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